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MT Rittenhouse + Approaches Consulting

Welcome! And, thanks for reading. Today, we're sharing a bit about how we got our start, where we're headed and how we can help you.

MT Rittenhouse & Associates was founded by Missy Rittenhouse, after her 24-year manufacturing and HR career at Corning, Inc., to offer a variety of executive coaching and organizational development services to public institutions and private enterprises. In addition to her New York-based consulting practice, Missy served as a team member for Approaches Consulting, LLC, a similar consulting practice with 25+ years of experience working with clients in the state of Colorado and across the U.S.  In 2015, Missy acquired Approaches Consulting and today she and her team serve clients from the East Coast to the West Coast under both the MT Rittenhouse and Approaches Consulting umbrellas.

Our goal is to deliver clarity, change and growth to organizations of any shape and size. We partner with leaders and their teams to enhance business processes and group dynamics, identify and improve individual strengths and help re-define and build successful cultures. It's what we know and what we do best. If we can help you or your organization, drop us a line. We'd love to hear from you.  - Missy



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