We help build capable leaders, effective teams and flexible organizations with great cultures.

OUR Services

Tailored to
individuals and teams.

Areas of Practice

Executive Coaching 

Our one-on-one coaching is designed to identify opportunities, sharpen skills and improve performance of top executives to achieve greater business success.

Change management 

We develop a partnership with leaders and teams using a defined plan to incorporate new tools, processes and work approaches into your organization.

Leadership and team development 

Working with leaders and teams, we identify individual strengths, challenges and group dynamics to improve teamwork and communication, and align with your goals.

Strategy development 

We deliver an organizational direction or strategy plan for a 12-36-month period, jointly developed with senior teams from your organization, including metrics to track success.

Cultural assessments 

To help build a strong culture, we analyze the current culture through interviews and discussion and then partner with management and teams to define environment and values. 


We coordinate retreats and meetings for executives and teams to bring individuals and groups together in support of the organization's strategy, direction and mission.


What Our Clients Are Saying

"Missy’s brings a lot of value and expertise in leadership development to the table and I value her opinion and her ability to question things and to get people to talk. In a group setting, she knows how to pull people out, connect and engage. She is also very effective at finding solutions, brainstorming and thinking outside of the box. I’ve always been impressed with her and she’s always delivered exactly what I’ve needed.” — Dawne Moffat-Fairbanks, Director, Corning, Inc.

"I find Missy’s coaching invaluable and it is really her strong point. You don’t know the value of good coaching until you’ve had it and then you don’t want to give it up. It’s like an athlete. Do you really want to play the game without the right coach? She shows you things you might not see – and gives insight where you might not have had insight. I really like the insight she brings to my organization.” — Laura Ragin, Assistant Vice Chancellor and Campus Controller, University of Colorado, Boulder

“I highly recommend Missy and Approaches Consulting and have referred her to others internally within our organization.  She was able to get us organized and across the finish line with our strategic plan and has helped our leadership team and me personally with coaching services, which I have found very valuable as I have grown and matured in my role. I’ve been able to share my concerns with her, receive validation and tools to adapt, as well as advice on tough decisions.” — Director, University of Colorado, Boulder